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Park and Ride Albany Airport

From 8,48 per day!

Park and Ride at Albany Airport

Shuttle-to-Terminal Parking, or also known as Park and Ride, is a popular solution for finding cheap parking at Albany Airport. The process involves driving to the designated parking area, securing a spot for your vehicle, and then boarding a shuttle bus that transports you directly to the airport terminal. Upon your return to Albany, simply contact the parking service to schedule a shuttle bus to pick you up. The duration of the bus journey varies depending on the parking service, and you can find the precise timing on the parking lot's profile page.

This parking option is often the most economical as the parking lots are situated slightly farther from the airport, and you typically handle the parking yourself, enabling providers to offer more competitive prices. Additionally, Park and Ride parking allows you to customize your booking with extras like car washing or maintenance services.

How do I use Park and Ride at Albany Airport?

Step 1

Step 1

Initially, secure your Park and Ride spot at Albany Airport by utilizing the straightforward booking process accessible through the comparison tool.

Step 2

Step 2

When it's time for your departure from Albany Airport, drive to the designated parking lot. You will then either need to park your car yourself, or an attendant will do it for you. Once your car has been parked, you can proceed to the front desk to check in and wait for your shuttle bus. The bus will transport you to your needed terminal. Should you desire additional services, such as car washing, you can conveniently include these in your booking at the front desk!

Step 3

Step 3

Upon boarding the shuttle bus, it will transport you directly to Albany Airport. Similarly, upon your return, the shuttle bus will pick you up. To coordinate this, simply contact the parking provider after landing, and the bus will be waiting for you outside.

Step 4

Step 4

The shuttle bus will transport you to the parking lot. From there, retrieve your car and continue your journey home.

Parking Rates for Albany Airport’s Park and Ride

Park and Ride rates at Albany Airport are influenced by several factors. Specifically, prices may increase during peak travel periods. Additionally, there is a distinction in pricing between indoor and outdoor parking. For a clearer understanding of the various Park and Ride rates, refer to the table provided below. If you prefer a comprehensive overview of all parking types and their respective prices, please visit our Albany Airport Parking Rates page.

Daily rate Starting at
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

Evaluate the Albany Airport Park and Ride Options

The Park and Ride Parking Lot’s at Albany Airport

The Pros and Cons of Park and Ride Albany Airport

  • Most Economical: Park and Ride frequently stands out as the most budget-friendly parking option.
  • Self-service Parking: Most often, you personally handle the parking of your vehicle, ensuring you have precise control over its location.
  • Effortless and Straightforward: This parking option is stress-free and easy for all travelers.
  • Extra Travel Time: Due to taking a bus to the airport, some extra time is added onto your travel day.

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