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Miami Airport Parking

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Useful information for parking at Miami Airport

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Parking at Miami International Airport

Quickly find secure and budget-friendly parking solutions available at Miami International Airport with ParkCareParking. Easily assess and compare a range of high-quality parking lots to find the perfect fit for your needs. Safeguard your parking space through online booking, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and security for travelers, whether domestic or international.

Explore a diverse array of options and services tailored for parking at Miami International Airport. Trust that each parking facility undergoes regular checks from the ParkCareParking team to ensure a consistently excellent experience. For detailed information on rates and parking types, refer to the details provided on this page.


  1. Cheap Miami International Airport Parking
  2. Miami International Airport Parking Rates
  3. Long Term Parking at Miami International Airport
  4. What to Know for Flying and Parking at MIA Airport
  5. How to Book the Best Miami Airport Parking
  6. The Parking Types Available at Airport Miami
  7. Parking Lots at Miami International Airport
  8. Frequently Asked Questions About Parking at Miami International Airport

Cheap Miami International Airport Parking

Looking for unbeatable deals on parking at Miami International Airport? Look no further than ParkCareParking! Our lowest price guarantee ensures that you always secure the best parking deal. Enjoy the added advantage of zero booking fees, keeping your costs at their absolute minimum. To maximize your savings, we suggest booking in advance for Miami Airport parking. This not only opens up the possibility of lower prices but also provides a broader range of options, allowing you to book within your budget and meet your specific preferences.

Miami International Airport Parking Rates

In our table below, you can discover valuable information, outlining details and prices for different car storage choices at Miami International Airport. If you wish to reserve a spot or access additional information about a particular parking provider, just click on the parking lot's name.

Daily rate Starting at
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

Long Term Parking at Miami International Airport

Whether you're looking for short term Miami Airport Parking or long term Miami Airport parking, we've got you covered. Our user-friendly comparison tool is designed to display all available parking providers tailored to your specific travel dates, saving you the hassle of searching for long stay options—we bring them directly to you! Discover not only suitable long term parking but also the most competitive prices.

Booking long-term parking with ParkCareParking often comes with the added benefit of reduced prices. As you extend your booking duration, the daily rate tends to decrease, offering you a cost-effective solution for your parking needs at Miami International Airport.

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Here at ParkCare we care deeply about our customer satisfaction. We take our reviews very seriously. That is why you can be guaranteed that you will only find real customer reviews on our website. This means that only ParkCare customers who have actually used our service and parked at our parking providers can leave a review. For any possible questions or comments on this you can always contact us, and we will be more than happy to help in any way we can. As a customer, you can be assured that here, at ParkCare, that your satisfaction is our number one concern. So if you are looking for cheap parking rates, convenient parking at airports and friendly customer service then you are in the right place.

What to Know for Flying and Parking at MIA Airport

Miami Airport

Miami International Airport, a bustling hub of travel and adventure, welcomes thousands of passengers daily. Below, we'll explore key details you need to know about parking and flying from Miami Airport — to ensure your trip starts off as smooth as possible.

Choosing the Right Parking for Miami International Airport

When it comes to parking, travelers often face the dilemma of choosing between on-site and off-site options. On-site parking provides proximity but may come at a premium cost. Off-site alternatives, on the other hand, offer more economical choices — and can be found on our site. It is also important to remember that both off-site and on-site parking is safe and secure.

Advance Airport Booking for Miami

Securing your parking spot in advance can save time, money, and stress. You can pre-book your airport parking in just a few clicks on our site.

Checklist for Travelers: Pre-Flight Preparation

Before you set foot in Miami Airport, consider these crucial aspects:

  1. Documentations: Ensure your travel documents, including passport and boarding pass, are readily available and within reach. This simple step can save you precious time during security checks.
  2. Baggage Basics: Familiarize yourself with the baggage regulations to avoid surprises at check-in. Miami Airport's efficiency shines when passengers adhere to baggage guidelines.
  3. Time Mastery: Time is of the essence. Arrive well in advance to navigate security, check-in, and any unexpected surprises with ease.

How to Book the Best Miami Airport Parking?

Discover the simplicity of our booking system for Miami International Airport with our quick and easy step-by-step guide. This user-friendly guide has been designed to help you effortlessly navigate the process of finding, selecting, and securing an excellent parking spot.

First, enter the essential details into the comparison tool, such as your departure airport, travel date, and parking times. Once you've completed these fields, simply hit the “Search” button to proceed to the next step.

Upon selecting “Search,” you'll be directed to a page showcasing a list of available parking providers. This platform serves as a hub for comparing all your car parking options. It is highly advisable to assess vital factors, including parking location, pricing, amenities, parking type, and security measures.
Pro tip: Enhance your decision-making process by reading customer reviews, providing valuable insights into each parking provider.

After selecting your preferred parking provider, proceed to secure your parking space by clicking on the “Reserve” button. Following this, provide your personal contact information and choose a payment method. Enjoy the convenience of secure online payments using Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal on our platform.

Once you've successfully completed the reservation and payment steps, a confirmation email will be sent to you, containing crucial details about your booking. It's advisable to print and securely store this email, as it will be essential on the day of your travels. In case you don't find the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If the confirmation email remains unfound, feel free to contact us for assistance. Once you have received and secured the booking confirmation, your reservation process is finalized, leaving you with the simple task of parking on the designated day of your booking.

The Parking Types Available at Airport Miami

Explore the diverse parking services available for Miami International Airport through ParkCareParking. We provide a range of options to cater to your specific needs. Below, we provide a brief overview of how each parking type functions, making it easy for you to choose the parking option that suits you best. If you have additional questions regarding the most suitable parking for your needs, feel free to explore our FAQ section for further guidance.

Park and Ride is a highly popular parking option at Miami International Airport. Here's how it works: drive your car to the reserved spot at the parking provider's location. Once parked, a free shuttle bus is at your service to transport you and your luggage directly to the airport terminals. Upon your return, simply contact the parking provider, and they will promptly arrange to meet you at the airport, ensuring a convenient ride back to your car. The majority of Park and Ride providers are conveniently situated near the airport, ensuring swift and efficient transfers to and from your travels.

Read more about Park and Ride parking at Miami Airport

Simplify your parking experience at Miami International Airport by choosing the stress-free option of Valet Parking. When you opt for a valet service, you drive directly to the terminal on the day of your travels. A friendly parking attendant will greet you, assist with your luggage, and securely park your car in their designated lot. After returning to the airport, a quick call to the parking provider ensures your car is ready for you upon arrival. Although Valet parking services are not currently available at Miami International Airport, rest assured that we are actively working on bringing this premium parking option to you soon!

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The ParkCare team work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure that we find the best parking options at the best price. Our website makes it easy to book airport parking in under two minutes. Our large selection of airport parking provider means that you are guaranteed to find a perfect parking spot at the best price. If you have any questions about any of our parking services or questions about your booking then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer support team is here to help you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Parking at Miami International Airport

Yes! Luckily, with ParkCareParking you can book your Miami Airport parking in advance. Simply, use our comparison tool (found at the top of this page) by entering your travel dates and pressing search. You will then see all the available parking lots, allowing you to easily compare your options. Book a space by clicking reserve!

This changes per parking provider, and when you make the booking. To get the lowest daily rate, it is best to book in advance.

This depends on the parking provider itself. Typically, all parking lots that have uncovered parking, also accommodate larger vehicles. By visiting the profile page of the Miami Airport parking lots, on our site, you will find the specific details of what the parking facility offers; including if it is suitable for oversized vehicles.

The best way to find airport parking in Miami is to use our comparison tool. Enter your travel dates and times into the tool, and press search. We will then present you with all the available parking options, no matter how long your stay. You can then compare between price, location, parking type, and more. Finding your perfect parking lot really is that easy!

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