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Portland International Airport Parking

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Useful information for parking at Portland International Airport

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Parking at Portland International Airport

With ParkCareParking, parking at Portland Airport has never been easier! We simplify the process, providing you with a clear overview of various parking options in the vicinity of the airport. This enables you to choose from the most advantageous offers available. Our platform conveniently condenses all information and prices from different parking providers, allowing you to make an informed decision quickly.

Whether you opt for long term or short term parking at Portland International Airport, we are committed to finding the perfect parking solution for you. To streamline your search further, our easy comparison tool enables you to specify your personal preferences and requirements for parking at Portland International Airport. This ensures that you are presented with offers tailored to your unique needs.


  1. Cheap Portland Airport Parking
  2. Portland International Airport Parking Rates
  3. Long Term Parking at Portland Airport
  4. What to Know for Flying and Parking at PDX Airport
  5. How to Book the Best Portland Airport Parking
  6. The Parking Types Available at Airport Portland
  7. Parking Lots at Portland International Airport
  8. Frequently Asked Questions About Parking at Portland Airport

Cheap Portland Airport Parking

Secure your ideal parking spot at Portland International Airport with ParkCareParking effortlessly and affordably from the comfort of your home! Our online service is at your disposal 24/7, allowing you to compare and book parking from various providers around the airport whenever it suits you. At ParkCareParking, we are dedicated to providing you with the lowest prices, backed by our low-price guarantee, ensuring cost-effective parking at Portland Airport. Furthermore, we do not impose any booking fees, contributing to additional savings when you utilize our service.

Portland International Airport Parking Rates

Reserve your parking space at Portland Airport through ParkCareParking and consistently lock in the most budget-friendly airport parking options. To guarantee cheap parking rates at Portland Airport, we advise you to book your parking space well in advance for cost savings. Refer to the table below for essential details to secure parking spaces at Portland International Airport.

Daily rate Starting at
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

Long Term Parking at Portland Airport

Whether you require parking for a brief duration or an extended stay at Portland International Airport, we've got you covered! If your stay exceeds a few days, opting for long term parking is the ideal choice. Explore our diverse range of secure and budget-friendly parking facilities specifically tailored for your needs. Easily input your travel dates into the comparison tool to find the perfect parking solution. Additionally, rest assured that our long term parking lots provide a safe and convenient option for extended stays.

You always come first at ParkCare


Here at ParkCare we care deeply about our customer satisfaction. We take our reviews very seriously. That is why you can be guaranteed that you will only find real customer reviews on our website. This means that only ParkCare customers who have actually used our service and parked at our parking providers can leave a review. For any possible questions or comments on this you can always contact us, and we will be more than happy to help in any way we can. As a customer, you can be assured that here, at ParkCare, that your satisfaction is our number one concern. So if you are looking for cheap parking rates, convenient parking at airports and friendly customer service then you are in the right place.

What to Know for Flying and Parking at PDX Airport

Portland International Airport

Below you will find some useful tips and important information for flying and parking at Portland Airport.

Choosing the Right Portland Airport Parking for You

  • Short Term Parking at Portland Airport: For shorter trips, a short term parking facility is the best option. You can choose from on-site short term parking or off-site parking providers. On-site short term parking is usually more expensive as the airport operates it. Whereas, off-site parking lots offer convenient and secure short term parking, at lower costs. You can find off-site parking for Portland Airport on our site.
  • Parking Facilities: When you use the comparison tool on our site, you will be able to see all the available parking providers. We highly recommend browsing the various facilities and amenities each parking lot offers, as this allows for you to get the most for your money.

Portland Flying Tips for a Seamless Experience

  • Early Arrival is Key: To kick-start your journey stress-free, we strongly advise arriving at the airport well in advance of your flight. PDX is a bustling hub, and giving yourself ample time ensures smooth check-in, security clearance, and a leisurely stroll through the airport without the anxiety of missing your flight. For domestic flights, it is recommended to be at the airport 2 hours before your flight. For international flights, it is best to arrive 3–4 hours before your flight.
  • Check-In Online: Save time and skip the lines by utilizing online check-in services offered by most airlines. This not only helps your journey but also allows you to choose preferred seats and receive electronic boarding passes directly to your smartphone.
  • Explore Portland Airport's Amenities: PDX boasts an array of amenities to enhance your travel experience. Take advantage of the diverse dining options, from local delicacies to international cuisine. Explore the airport's shops for last-minute essentials or unique gifts. Additionally, the airport's art installations provide a cultural experience that sets PDX apart from other airports.

How to Book the Best Portland Airport Parking?

ParkCareParking offers a convenient and cost-effective parking solution for any duration of your travel at Portland International Airport. The following steps will guide you through the process of booking your parking space at this airport.

If you've booked a flight and are in search of parking at Portland Airport, you're in the right place! Simply put Portland International Airport as your departure location and input your travel details into the comparison tool. Then press the 'Search' button to discover all available parking options for your selected period.

Now, it's time to compare the diverse offers. Easily view the included services and prices from all providers at a glance. If you have specific preferences for your parking space, utilize our filter function to tailor your search even more to your individual needs. Take into account customer reviews when making your decision. You can find these reviews by clicking on the 'more information' link attached to each parking lot. 

Found the perfect parking spot? Secure it by clicking on the yellow “Reserve” button of the selected provider. The booking process will initiate; follow the instructions, input your personal information, and choose your preferred payment method. For payment, ParkCareParking accepts various methods, including PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa. 

Upon successful completion of your booking and payment, you'll receive an email confirmation from us. This email contains crucial information about the chosen parking provider that you'll need for your journey. If you haven't received an email, our customer service is available at any time, or you can request a new confirmation through your ParkCareParking account. Once you have received your booking confirmation, you just need to park on your departure day!

The Parking Types Available at Airport Portland

Below you can read about the various parking services offered at Portland Airport.

Choose Park and Ride for an affordable and stress-free parking solution at Portland International Airport. Simply park your car at the designated parking area and utilize the complimentary shuttle service provided by the selected parking provider. Upon your return, take advantage of this convenient service once again, ensuring a relaxed journey back to your car and a smooth start to your journey home.

Read more about Park and Ride parking at Portland Airport

For numerous travelers, valet parking offers the most convenient parking experience at Portland International Airport. Opting for this service allows you to drive directly to the airport terminal, where a designated employee from the chosen parking provider will warmly welcome you. They will then assume responsibility for your vehicle, parking it securely on your behalf. As you near your return, your car will be prepared and waiting, ensuring a swift pickup right after exiting the arrivals' hall. Currently, there are no valet parking providers available for Portland Airport. We hope to introduce this service soon to enhance your parking options.

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The ParkCare team work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure that we find the best parking options at the best price. Our website makes it easy to book airport parking in under two minutes. Our large selection of airport parking provider means that you are guaranteed to find a perfect parking spot at the best price. If you have any questions about any of our parking services or questions about your booking then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer support team is here to help you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Parking at Portland Airport

Making an online reservation with ParkCare is very quick and easy! To see an overview of all available parking providers for your time of travelling, simply fill in your departure and arrival dates into our comparison tool. You can then compare the different parking services and facilities on offer, as well as the price rates of each parking provider. If you are still unsure about the best option for you, you can always read reviews from previous customers to weigh the pros and cons of each parking option. Once you have made your final decision, simply fill in the relevant details and complete your payment through our secure payment system. Within 24 hours of your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail. Do not forget to check your spam folder if you have not received it on time!

Whether you get to keep your keys or not varies per airport parking provider and the parking form you have chosen. Handing over your keys isn't usually necessary if you have chosen Shuttle Parking, as this is a self-park option. In some cases, however, the parking provider may ask you to give up your keys for the duration of your trip just to maximise space in the car park and make car parking more efficient for customers, or to ensure security with regards to fire safety. Rest assured that your car will not be driven unless it is absolutely necessary to do so, and that your keys will always be kept in a safe until you return. You will always be able to see if you can keep your keys in the comparison overview of the parking providers.

If you want to submit a cancellation request, you can do so via your personal account. We encourage you to read the General Terms and Conditions of your parking provider about reimbursement. If you wish to change your booking, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will make sure to take care of all the necessary arrangements for you.

We advise booking your parking space as soon as you know you will be needing one, because the cheapest parking spots near airports always sell out first. This is especially true for peak travel season, when the number of travellers in need of airport parking is very high. Our recommendation is to book at least 1 week prior to flying in order to make sure that more options are available for you to choose from.

ParkCare has 4 different parking forms on offer. These include: Valet Parking, Shuttle Parking, Park, Sleep & Fly and Park & Walk. You can read more about each parking form here: Parking Forms.

ParkCare only works with trustworthy parking providers, which are always checked beforehand on service quality, security and reliability. Rest assured that all providers that we partner with are experts in their field. You can always refer to the reviews of previous customers, where you will find honest opinions about each parking provider and the services they offer. We believe transparency is important to ensure the best parking experience for you. We score 8.5 on FeedbackCompany, an indicator that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our services.

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